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About the Founder

Kirstan Knipple

Kirstan Knipple, originally from Gordonsville, Virginia is the founder of Mom2Mom. Currently residing in Culpeper, Virginia she is a proud single mother of two amazing kids and is currently working full time.


To understand Kirstan's commitment to Mom2Mom, you must first understand her story. This is not only a story of adversity and hardships but also of triumphs and victories!

Kirstan Knipple

Kirstan's Story

In 2015, Kirstan's marriage ended in divorce and she became a single parent of two children. With very few financial options available to her, Kirstan and her children moved in with her parents as many single moms are forced to do. While living with her family in a rental home, Kirstan obtained her drivers license and secured employment as a manager at McDonald's. In 2017 her father committed suicide and her mother committed suicide in 2018, leaving Kirstan struggling to support her home and expenses on her minimum wage salary. This was one of the worst times for Kirstan but she persevered! 

In 2019, Kirstan was able to finally secure an affordable apartment and give her children the safe home environment they deserved. In 2020, the world shut down due to Covid-19 but Kirstan was fortunate enough to still be employed. She recognized that many people were not as fortunate as her and in April of 2020, Mom2Mom began as a Facebook page to help her friends and family find resources during the pandemic shutdown.


Seeing the need in her community, Kirstan begin a Diaper and Hygiene Product Drive and delivered items door to door. In November 2020, Kirstan filed the papers to incorporate Mom2Mom and in March of 2021, a board was formed and Mom2Mom became an official 501c3 non-profit! Kirstan also is the 2022 Culpeper Chamber of Commerce Young Professional of the Year!

Kirstan Knipple Interview

Kirstan Knipple, founder and Executive Director of Mom2Mom, sits down in the Culpeper Media Network studios to share a bit about her organizations and the services they provide to the Culpeper Community.  CLICK HERE.

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